Including data in your package

Using setuptools_scm to link your Python package to your git repository also makes including data easy. By setting include_package_data = true in the [tool.setuptools] section of pyproject.toml, setuptools_scm will automatically include all files tracked by git in your package.

While this is useful for including required non-Python files, it’s pretty common to have files that don’t belong in your distribution in your git repository, such as continuious integration configurations, or even git config files. It’s possible to exclude certain files and directories which are tracked by git from being included in your built package by adding exclude or prune lines to the file in the root of the repository. An example file might look like:

# Exclude specific files
# All files which are tracked by git and not explicitly excluded here are included by setuptools_scm
# exclude whole directories from the package
prune .github
# exclude specific files from the package
exclude .mailmap
exclude .gitignore
exclude .gitattributes
exclude *.yml
exclude *.yaml

If you need to explicitly include a file, for example important.yaml, when there is a more generic exclude you need to include that file after the more general exclude statement as the commands are processed in order. See the Python packaging guide for more details.